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Social Assist

Elevate your social media management by utilizing Social Assist , your 24/7 social media assistant.

Elevate your social media management by utilizing Social Assist ™. Your 24/7 social media assistant.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring: At MetricMed, we understand that social media never sleeps, and neither do we. Our dedicated team provides 24/7 monitoring of your social media channels, ensuring that your practice remains protected and engaged with your audience at all times. With our vigilant eyes, you can rest assured that your online presence is in good hands, day and night.

HIPAA-Compliant Response Management: In the sensitive landscape of healthcare communication, we prioritize your privacy and security with our HIPAA-compliant response management system. Our team is trained to handle your social media interactions with the utmost care, ensuring that all communications meet the rigorous standards of privacy and confidentiality required in the healthcare industry.

Intelligent Triage System: Our advanced triage system is designed to escalate concerns that require your immediate attention. If it’s a patient inquiry, a critical review, or an urgent matter that needs to be addressed by your office or doctor, we’ll make sure that you’re notified promptly, allowing for timely and appropriate responses to maintain trust and professionalism.

Review Management and Monitoring: In the digital age, reviews are a powerful reflection of your brand. We not only monitor your online reviews across platforms but also strategize and assist in managing them. Our goal is to help you maintain a positive online reputation, turning satisfied clients into your biggest advocates and addressing any negative feedback with tact and resolution.

How much?

$99/mo. – Cancel anytime. Seriously.

  • We will talk to you and make sure this is a fit for your needs.
  • We’ll send you a BAA form to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • We provide you a link to connect your accounts to our specialized dashboard (no login info or password sharing needed). 
  • Monitoring starts and you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to stay glued to your social media
  • Want to cancel? We hope not… but say the word and it’s cancelled. No contract & no bullsh*t. 



Ready to say goodbye to the constant stress of social media oversight and hello to peace of mind?

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