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Social Media Management

Your patients and clients are reaching out on every social site; are you prepared to answer every inquiry? You will be with MetricMed on your side.


Some practices push the duty onto staff, others hire a freelancer and some source their social media to big-box companies. MetricMed takes a different approach by using a unique set of tools intended to cultivate meaningful social interactions between your practice, patients, and prospective patients. 

Our goal is to maintain communication and interaction on behalf of your practice through these tools; all while maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting patient and client information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my practice need to manage social media?

Like it or not, people are talking about you and your practice. This can be great, but it can also be detrimental to your practice. Taking the proper steps to manage your social media puts you in the conversation. 

Review are a major contributor to the success of practices today. A few bad reviews (real or malicious) can kill practice growth and long-term sustainability. 

How do I manage social media?

Managing your social media can be a huge task. Thanks to technology most social media can be managed efficiently and accurately using publishing tools, website plugins and proper content generation. These tools are great, we use them ourselves through a number of partners who provide stellar software.

The problem with implementing these into your practice is you, your office manager and staff will need to learn the software. Along with software training, your team will have to spend time curating content, scheduling content on your various social outlets and then manage and monitor that content.

Then you have us, we provide managed social media for your practice.

Which social media accounts does my practice need?

That is a tricky question. Tricky in the sense that each practice is different. ALL social accounts should be managed but that doesn’t mean you need to create a new account on every social outlet available.

Your practice needs the accounts that pertain to the practice personality, size and location. This may mean focus on Facebook for some, other it may mean a focus on Yelp and Twitter.

Don’t worry, we can help you figure this out. 🙂

We have a ___________ page, but we didn't create it, who did?

What you need and what you have are two different things. Most practices have social accounts that they are not aware of; these accounts can display your business information and reviews. 

These ghost accounts may have been made by a competitor, automatically generated by search engines or social sharing services (think Yelp).