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Use digital ads and marketing to drive traffic

Digital advertising provides a means to connect with those looking for the services you provide. With one of the highest ROI for your marketing dollar online ads and strategic marketing is a must for practices.  

Unlike traditional ads, digital ads can be paused, have budgets adjusted and provide analytics in real-time!

What is a digital ad?

A digital ad is an advertisement that appears on a website, search engine or social media site. They are based on key points such as demographic, geolocation, terms searched, recent searches, etc. 

Is it expensive to run ads online?

Absolutely not. Digital ads are one of the most cost effective forms of marketing. While traditional marketing requires a budget that is usually paid upfront and a predefined “run time”, online advertising does not. Most forms of online advertising are based on traffic, clicks or conversions not a timeframe. There are options to spend as little as $5 for an ad (yes five dollars). 

Who manages the ads?

This is a frequent question. We manage the ads for you, run analytics and change the campaigns as needed. Our goal is simple, we want to turn your ad dollars into revenue for your practice.

We are certified partner with Google Business and Google AdWords. When we setup search engine ads we do it in conjunction with our Google counterparts to help properly align your budget with your goals. 

We have a ___________ budget, is that enough?

Many factors play into what the ideal budget is for a campaign. We have a contrarian approach to ad budgets and do not charge a percentage of your budget as our fee. Each campaign is simple, we charge $100 per month per campaign. If your campaign budget is $400 for the month then we charge you $100. The $400 budget is then ear marked for the campaign and can be paused, stopped, increased or decreased at any point during that campaign. You are only charged for the actual ad spend. This is the same for a $50 budget or a $50,000 budget. 

Facebook Ads
$10 & up
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook post “Boost”
  • Managed
  • Analytics
  • Targeted audience
  • Ads starting at $10.00
$500 & up
  • Geographic based ads
  • Targeted market segments
  • Google partnered
  • Adjustable budget
  • Pause anytime
  • Detailed Analytics
Comprehensive Plan
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  • Facebook ads
  • Google search ads
  • Leveraged reviews
  • Press releases
  • Flyers
  • Print ads
  • …and more