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8 Things Social Media will and will NOT do for your practice

Social media WILL

1. Social media WILL provide a place to talk about your practice. Others are already talking about your practice online, if you’re not talking too you can’t direct the conversation.

2. Social media WILL boost your practice profile for search engines. Increasing your SEO and helping bring patients to your website when they are looking for a practice.

3. Social media WILL increase referrals. Everyone uses social media and digital media to check reviews on everything, including medical practices. Regardless of your skill, technology or education if your practice has two stars it will lose out to the practice with 4.5 stars.

4. Social media WILL keep you connected to your patients. Quickly responding to positive and negative comments is key. Proper management of social media will allow your practice to respond quickly to patient concerns or questions.

Social media will NOT

1. Social media will NOT replace other advertising and marketing efforts. Social media is a long-game and it will take time for your practice to establish solid presence that can be leveraged. Patients will almost always say they sought you out on social media, but fewer will actually interact directly on social media.

2. Social media will NOT always translate to a “clean” ROI. Tracking social media and how it applies to your bottom line is not easy. Tracking total ROI for all marketing efforts is key.

3. Social media will NOT send your practice to the top of the search charts alone. Interaction and reach will help your rank but social media alone will not be enough to land you on the first page much less the top of that page.

4. Social media will NOT replace a solid website. Patients and prospective patients will absolutely seek you out online. Your social media is a conversation, but your website is the face of your practice online. Social media will not substitute an updated and informative professional website.

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