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Hashtags: What are they and how do you use them?

Hashtags are a topic we have discussed in the past but many people are continuing to misuse them.
Let’s just give you a basic breakdown of what hashtags are. Hashtags (the number sign) are used to signify a topic of interest. For example, during the Olympic games there may be Twitter, Facebook any Instagram posts that use #OlympicsRock as a way to denote an exciting part of the Olympics.
Hashtags cannot have spaces and need to be a single line item. If you wanted to hashtag something about Tesla Model S you can NOT write ‘#Tesla Model S’, it would need to be ‘#TeslaModelS’, otherwise only the term ‘#Tesla’ would be in that hashtag grouping.

Twitter, as an example, allows you to click on the hashtag and pulls up other related comments featuring the hashtag. This is, aside from satirical context, the reason for hashtags. Facebook has now implemented hashtag functionality and more are sure to follow.

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